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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they expected when they sat down to ride the tidal wave rollercoaster. it happened in ocean city on south atlantic avenue. we find don first on the scene last night sand what with you tell us? >> reporter: one of the most popular rides is the tidal wave and every year thousands of kids get on it and there is never a problem. last night was different. people come to ocean city for fun and excitement on a hot summer vacation night. some got more excitement than they bargained for. >> approximately 9:30 last night we received a call. upon our arrival we discovered there was an amusement park ride accident. >> reporter: three people from 10-15 years old were taken to local hospitals with what was described as nonlife- threatening injuries. the tidal wave rollercoaster malfunctioned in the height of
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the tourist season. the rollercoaster has been in operation since 1991. >> there was a mechanical failure, something we couldn't foresee happening. >> reporter: brooks is one of the owners. he has been involved with the amusicment -- amusement park since the 1890s. he take its seriously. >> it wasn't something we could have foreseen happening and we've been in contact with the state inspectors who have been down here and begun their investigation and in contact with the ride manufacturers and they're helping us diagnose what happened and how to prevent it in the future. possibly changes in the ride manufacturing to prevent this from happening in the future. >> reporter: and i talked with one of the maintenance guys out there this morning looking at it. evidently a cable may have broke. we'll have to wait for the report from the state inspectors. he told me the cable was about this thick and the state inspectors are looking at it. also the maintenance staff here at trimpers ride is looking at what is going on. they have a maintenance
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engineer from the manufacturer in holland -- hole land flying over here and they will look at this and decide the best way to proceed here. they are hoping three weeks to open up the ride, but all three of the inspectors and the maintenance staff and the engineer from holland will take a look at this and decide what is the best way to proceed. in ocean city, don harrison, abc 2 news. >> don, i got a call of e-mails last night. how are things last night? things as usual and calmed down. >> reporter: everything is fine. it wasn't supposed to open up until 3:00 and everything is opened up except for the tidal wave. so everything is operational. there is no problem right now. they are going to go on as normal and still do maintenance on the tidal wave. everything else is available and back to normal and they can decide what they will do with the tidal wave. >> excellent work out there. thanks. an abc news viewer justin vaughn was there when the
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accident happened. he sent us these pictures. now they're a little bit blurry because things were so chaotic. and while last night he was in o -- in o.c. with a group of friends and just before stepping on he noticed something was quite right. >> we were right there at the rail and we were talking about the ride and then we saw it coming down, the actual rail. we noticed that the cable -- and we were talking to each other, is the cable supposed to be attached like that and as soon as we said that, we heard a pop noise and then we saw it come through the building on the top and it looked like it was all falling down and that's when everybody ran down the ramp to the bottom. >> now vaughn said he usually stayed away from carnival-like rides but he does plan to go back again next month. since trimpers rides is one of ocean city's most popular attractions for families, a lot of people witnessed last
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night's accident. if you were there send us your pictures at wicks at any time you see news happening, send us your pictures at picks at tonight investigators are investigating a death at a baltimore apartment complex. cheryl is live with the latest. what can you tell us tonight? >> reporter: kelly, one of the biggest issues tonight is tell ants tell us they were not notified about the planned shutoff but baltimore city housing said they made four attempts last month to get the word out. we know the power was turned off on 9:30 at night at the apartments to replace an old air-conditioner unit. about an hour later a 60-year- old woman was found dead in her apartment. baltimore city housing tells us this afternoon a back-up generator didn't work so the elevators were grounded and paramedics had to walk up to
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the victim instead of taking the elevator. >> when the paramedics walked up the steps, it's a problem. stoplights, it's a problem. >> several meetings held ahead of time, at least four meetings were held ahead of time with the residents informing them the date the power would be shut down. there was also door to door contact with the residents letting them know when the power would be shut down, approximately how long it would be shut down also. >> reporter: and the medical examiner will determine if the woman's death was heat-related. we do understand the new air- conditioner on sit now running. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. and the state department of health and mental hygiene confirmed three more marylanders have died from heat- related illnesses, bringing the total deaths from heat up to
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15. >> be smart. these are common sense approaches, they are really what applies here. and in addition, be on the lookout for your friends and neighbors who may be at a higher risk. >> we also want to emphasize all of the heat deaths so far, all of the victims had underlying medical conditions which put them at a greater risk. a code red heat alert in effect for baltimore city for another hour and then tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. those are the hours that the cooling centers will be open. remember for tips to keep cool, log on to our home page at, click on the weather tab, then our exclusive hot weather guide. kelly, there have been places around baltimore today that have hit 100-degree. tomorrow i think most of the state gets there. i mean very few of us will be spared from triple-digits tomorrow and everyone feeling like 100 when you throw in the humidity.
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let's take a look first at the air temperatures right now. air temperature in frederick is 100 down. 98 downtown and 95 in annapolis. this is hot after 6:00 p.m. cambridge feeling like 113. not much cooler here. feeling like 108 in the city, 108 out of frederick. heat advisories up for just about the entire state except for the high country toward deep creek lake and beyond cumberland. and other than that, we are dealing with a heat advisory a heat warning. we may get an excessive heat warning through the day tomorrow which would be an upgraded heat warning. and we soar well into the 90s and triple-digits likely later in the afternoon. we'll talk much more about the outlook and when we'll finally see some slight relief all coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. baltimore county police have taken a man into custody in connection with a fatal shooting in catonsville. it happened in the 600 block of
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meyers drive just off of frederick road where jeff hager reports it appears the gunman was a guest of his victim. >> we just heard a bunch of rumbling. >> reporter: first came a loud argument up stairs in this home divided into three rental units followed by the sound of a physical altercation and then gunfire. >> when police got there they found the suspect outside of the residence and the victim, mr. james kaiser, 41-year-old, inside suffering from a gunshot wound. >> reporter: within hours of the shooting, detectives with the baltimore county homicide unit arrived to collect evidence from the scene. residents knew little about the man who always parked his prized harley davidson motorcycle just outside the home. they appeared to be shocked by the severity of his wounds and had no idea they would prove fatal. >> you see the flashing lights or whatever and the biker was yelling when the police came. and then when we were looking
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out the back window, [ inaudible ]. so they say he didn't die, he just got shot twice. >> reporter: even though police have a suspect in custody and plenty of physical evidence, they have yet to determine what prompted the gunfire. >> detectives don't know what the motive for this is, but they do know the two know each other and mr. kaiser let the suspect into his residence. jeff hager, abc 2 news. now police say a woman present at the time of the shooting will not be charged. the suspect, who has not yet been identified, will face a first-degree murder charge. baltimore city police are looking for a man who they say sexually assaulted an employee at a music store. at 9:00 last night they say the man walked into the store in the 3600 block of eastern avenue. police say he grabbed the female victim, tied her up with a cord and sexually assaulted her and then robbed the store of an unspecified amount of
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cash. woman is being treated for her injuries. if you have any information you're asked to call baltimore city sex offense unit at 410- 396-2076. well more campaign sign vandalism in baltimore county tonight. kevin commander is running for baltimore county executive and one sign was found in essex with a number of disposable razors attached to it. we found one with needles. police say they have never seen this type of vandalism before but they are investigating. >> these are property of someone else. so you can't go around just picking them up off of someone's lawn or go around defacing them because they are the property of the candidate and his campaign. >> this latest vandalism, in addition to other reports of candidates, of stolen and damaged signs and anti semitic mailers we told you about last month. millions of eyes are on
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lance armstrong and floyd landis. he will speak tonight about accusing his former teammate of doping. and christmas has arrived early and the bargains at some local retailers are just too good to pass up.
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for years floyd landis denied using illicit substances to fuel his cycling career. but early they are year he admitted to doping. dianaal via claims have the most popular cyclist on the defensive. >> he's beaten cancer and the tour de france seven times but lance armstrong's battle is ahead of him. beating claims of doping by a former teammate. in an exclusive interview, floyd landis said armstrong repeatedly used performance- enhancing drugs. >> i have yes. i also received some from him. rather than go into detail every time, yes, i saw lance armstrong doing drugs. >> it cost landis his 2006 win
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at tour de france. for years landis denied the allegation and this year he admitted to doping. >> it's about the truth. it's about me feeling better for having misled the public and for that i would like to say sorry. >> reporter: armstrong's lawyer said he never cheated and said landis has a history of lying. >> lance is the most tested athlete, amateur or professional, in the history of the sport. we don't know exactly the number, but we think it's around 300 separate tests that he's undergone and he has never had a positive test. >> reporter: the cancer survivor has always maintained his success was earned through hard work alone. as a result, he's built a brand that can sell anything, above all else, hope. >> for hundreds of thousands of cancer patients, lance armstrong is much more than a cyclist, he is their hope. >> reporter: it's these allegations he'll be forced to fight this weekend as he rides
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into paris one last time. diana al viehar, abc 2 news. >> floyd landis will have an exclusive interview on niteline. be sure to keep it locked here because on abc 2 news we have the interview coming up. but in advance of that, we want to know what you think. you can make a comment on our facebook page and also vote in the web poll on well tonight the couple portrayed in the oscar nominated movie the blind side are in town. leann and shawn tewy, who adopted michael orr who now plays for the baltimore ravens will discuss their new book, sharing the power of cheerful giving. event starts at 7:00 tonight at the free library on cathedral street. well listen up, if you want to get your christmas shopping done really early. today might be the day to
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start. it is christmas in july and retailers are offering deals that rival black friday. right now target has a one-day sale but only online so fire up the computers. and toys "r" us is pushing summertime christmas sales this year. sears and wal-mart are also dropping prices to get you in the door and help you save some money. and one of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to hydrate and nature's best quencher is water so guzzle up a lot of that. and on our website you can find our melon and strawberry fizz so the no tequila sunrise or try a papaya mango batito. >> it sounds good, whatever it is. >> log on it and
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click on the lifestyle tab and there family. you get it mixed up with mojito. >> maybe that's what i was think being. >> kelly, it's a good point. obviously nonal homic beverages but just -- nonalcoholic beverages. because it's going to be awfully hot tomorrow. >> today was pretty miserable. >> still in the upper 90s as we push toward sun set. hot night in the city. and at the beach or anywhere you are. >> you have to get on a plane to canada to beat the heat right now. >> let's look outside. 97 degrees, southwest winds at 13. and humidity, it is very, very high. the relative humidity when the air temp is this hot doesn't look that bad but the dew point is up in the 70s. that's awfully hot conditions. heat advisory is up through 9:00 tonight. then we have an excessive heat watch for the baltimore-d.c. area throughout our entire saturday, including saturday
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evening. so it's the rest of this evening, through the entire day saturday, and it wouldn't shock me to see this extended even into sunday. one thing that really contributed to that rapid heative hup, we were up above 90 by lunchtime, was the blue sky. we didn't have much in the way of cloud cover at all today. when you have that kind of intense unabated sunshine it does cook things and we felt that out there today. and here is the stats. 98 so far out at the airport. 92 is the record. and our forecast high was 96. so we are within 2 degrees once again. rosemary mack, you're our 2- degree winner. get your name to us at that's five days in a row we've had a 2-degree winner for you. right now temperatures upper 90s. 95 in easton. still 99 downtown at patuxent river and 99 in winchester. and dew point at 71. a lot of moisture in the air. that's one difference from yesterday, the humidity has come up big time and as a result this is what it feels
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like. and these are very impressive numbers, to say the least, oro pressive would be a better word. 108 in easton, 106 in baltimore. you get the idea. it's awfully hot out there. satellite radar trend clear across baltimore, back through ocean city. there are a few clouds out in far western maryland, that's the only part of the state without a heat warning because the higher terrain keeping things just a little cooler out toward deep creek lake. that would be a good place to make a weekend escape to this weekend. weather pattern keeping it hot and humid around here. this is a classic bermuda high setup. it keeps things awfully hot at the hottest pattern we can get here in maryland in the mid- atlantic and any chance of a cooling shower or storm? not much. we could see a pop-up shower or storm tomorrow afternoon or evening, and once again sunday afternoon in the peak heating of the day, a couple of pop-up storms, but most of us will stay dry. and bonnie dousing florida with
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heavy rains. they're much cooler in florida than we are here in maryland. but the tropical storm moving toward the oil slick area. so it will be a tropical depression for now but expect it to restrengthen to a tropical storm right about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon as it enters that bp oil spill area and then makes it's way on shore. should stay below hurricane strength though. back here the theme is theo pressive heat pushing 100 tomorrow. 77 and mostly clear. staying warm out there tomorrow. talking about 100 or so with a 105 heat index. and your seven-day forecast, 100 plus tomorrow, nearly 100 sunday, finally slightly less hot early next week. kelly. despite that forecast, guess what? the weekend is here. we made it and thousands of people are trying to make it home to get to that air- conditioning. let's take a live look right now at 695, route 40. traffic is moving smoothly. no problems at all.
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keep it right here for your closing numbers coming up just ahead.
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stocks rallied today after a port showed most of europes big banks passed their stress test. let's take a look at the numbers. the dow is up 102, the nasdaq
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up 23 and the s&p 500 up almost 9. coming up tonight at 11:00, a small california town made big headlines when top officials were found to be making huge salaries. well tonight residents have voiced their outrage and several officials are out of work. plus chances are now you've noticed some changes to your monthly credit card bill after the government passed a consumer protection law. but some of those are saying that those changes have only led to new kinds of credit card abuse. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 11:00. stay inside. >> kelly, check it out. right now still at 98 downtown. still 99 in frederick. we're just not cooling off quickly. this is very humid air and takes a long time to cool off. and the heat advisory will be up through the evening and then at least for the national weather service heat warnings and advisories, back throughout the day tomorrow as that heat goes back to triple-digit levels. so stay cool out this and do
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what you can. >> or stay inside. >> stay inside and crank that a.c. >> all right. that's it for us. we're back at 11:00. have a good night.
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by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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